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Wednesday, Nov 26, 2014
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qfingers - Jail Committee to draft ¼ per cent sales tax ballot resolution - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJour
Can't do a sunset provision? It's a referendum...unless Illinois has specific language requirements for sales tax (which I can't seem to find) you can put anything you want on a referendum. After the referendum passes they create an ordinance...and the idea that somebody would sue that you can't put a sunset provision in an ordinance sounds pretty ludicrous to me. A self-restricting…
pjohnf - REBEL MEDIA: Dick is here to make it all better - Quincy, IL News -
There's also 7.6 million Illinois residents that aren't being represented by little Dickie Durbin. Yes the majority rules in our republic but that doesn't mean the minority shouldn't be represented and their rights protected. Durbin is a typical liberal democrat who believes that the socialist agenda comes above all things. The Herald Rag endorsed Durbin because he brings home…
Cardinalquincy - Darren Wilson Grand Jury evidence and testimony - Quincy, IL News -
A word of advice. Always get plenty of sleep before coming into contact with Kevin Taute. He may look at your eyes and be so bold, not only as to accuse you of having consumed marijuana, but then additionally suggest you're growing it in a planter pot to distribute as well. What a tool! If only we could all aspire to such douchebaggery.
Cardinalquincy - Darren Wilson Grand Jury evidence and testimony - Quincy, IL News -
This is an honest question. Regarding lack of poor judgement during 'protocol'. Of course, what the hell does he care. The gentleman made over 90K in 2010, so likely, reasonably more now. "To serve and collect". Where are good officers these days?
KUlawhawk - Quincy City Council votes to sell defaulting loans - Quincy, IL News -
You sound like you are someone who really knows there way around business entities and should be listened to. I mean I know this must be a parody past because surely you know that an LLC is not a corporation. And in almost all cases the members of an LLC are liable to the extent of their money invested in the LLC. B y the way, LLC stands for Limited Liability Company, not corporation. I am sure…

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Quincy Police Blotter for March 14, 2014

8 months, 2 weeks ago from QPD

The following people were cited for Failure to Wear a Seatbelt at 18th &Chestnut on 3/13/14:

Caleb T Fleer (27) Quincy

Nichole M Dyer (37) Quincy

Anthony D Anders (31) Quincy

Graham F Spraker (18) Tucson, Az.

Kevin L Humphrey (52) Quincy

Vincenzo L Piantanida (18) St. Louis, Mo.

Bobby R Lewis (39) Quincy

Shawn M Pullman (31) Quincy

Christian A Jordan (22) Springfiled, Il.

Anthony G Costigan (55) Quincy

Orban Smith (51) Quincy

Justen M Bigler (24) Canton, Mo.

Connie M Bodi (38) Quincy

Michael A Jenkins (47) Quincy

Kenny D Starman (26) Payson, Il.

Adam A Lindemulder (32) Worth, Il.

Jeanine D Riley (19) Chicago, Il.                                            

Arrest Randall Lee Curtis Walton, 26, 1511 S. 6th, for Operating an Uninsured Vehicle and No Valid Driver's License at 6th Ohio at 1708 hrs of 03/13/14.  Released on NTA. 

Arrest Christopher A. Bradshaw, 37, 1933 Chestnut, back apartment, for Operating an Uninsured Vehicle and Driving While License Is Revoked at 15th Chestnut at 0048 hrs of 03/13/14.  Released on NTA. 

Arrest William N. Stewart, 19, 516 Spring, for Failure to Yield-Left Turn, at 5th Oak at 1855 hrs of 03/08/14.  Released on dl. 

Arrest Brentt M. Casey, 24, 3101 Schild Lane, for a warrant for Unlawful Delivery of Cannabis at the Quincy Police Dept. at 1245 hrs of 03/13/14.  Lodged in the Adams Co. Jail. 

Arrest Tyrekk d. Scott, 23, 1008 N. 20th, for Osbtructing Justice at 24th Maine at 1311 hrs of 03/11/14.  Lodged in the Adams Co. Jail. 

Arrest / Traffic   Daniel W. Bigham (52) of Canton MO was arrested for no valid registration at 3rd and Chestnut on 3/14/14.

Arrest / Traffic   Joanna K. Stotts (39) of Liberty was arrested for disobeying a stop light at 18th and Broadway on 3/13/14.

Arrest / Traffic   Dennis E. Go (62) of 3408 Wynlake Road was arrested for expired registration at 12th and Jefferson on 3/13/14.

Arrest / Traffic   Zachariah A. Shear (22) of 830 Washington was arrested for no valid DL at 12th and State on 3/13/14.            

Arrest- Breanna M. Dorsey, 27, 5503 N. Bottom Rd., for a ticket on file for Peace Disturbance for an incident which occurred at 620 Elm at 2042 hrs of 02/23/14. 




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Bob Gough 23 minutes ago

@KHQA Best of luck to Carol on her last day. She's got a lot of life left to live.
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Bob Gough 2 hours, 48 minutes ago

RT @John Kass: My #Ferguson column: if you punch a cop & grab at his gun, chances are you'll probably get yourself shot.
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Bob Gough 10 hours, 27 minutes ago

Gordon gets captured, shot or knocked out every week. And Bruce needs to age faster. #gothamproblems
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Bob Gough 11 hours, 30 minutes ago

RT @Bill Kristol: Is there anything she touches that doesn't turn out badly? @Acosta: Valerie Jarrett spoke w/ Gov Nixon last night & this am about Ferguson.