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1950Brutus - REBEL MEDIA: Bush v. Clinton...yawn - Quincy, IL News -
I think Carl is on his last legs and will be gone - none too soon. As for Dick M - finding out why he got ousted falls in the category of looking a gift weasel in the mouth. I will take this opportunity to repeat my creed - there is no such thing as a wasted vote if you vote for what you believe in.
DaveVictor - Mayor Moore talks garbage...again - Quincy, IL News -
So, those of using private haulers, who have been subsidizing garbage pick up for years for those who chose to use stickers, now get to pay even more? This isn't going to end well for the Kyle administration.
Givemeliberty - REBEL MEDIA: Bush v. Clinton...yawn - Quincy, IL News -
Been saying this for a couple years now, and I really heard about it last election cycle because I voted for Grimm instead of one of our two Chicago choices. Keep the faith, we're never gonna get a good candidate untill we start to peel off the "I voted for the lesser of two evils" cowards, and get them on our side. I always wondered why Dick Morris lost his job at FOX (as he should have)…
1950Brutus - \'Interview\' pulled after threat; U.S. says North Korea behind Sony hack - Quincy, IL News - Quincy
I decided to hold off prejudging the movie as "crap" but if I was betting money I would bet it is crap. Only thing that could save it "gratuitous nudity".
Givemeliberty - Mayor Moore talks garbage...again - Quincy, IL News -
I have been thinking the same thing, is there a $1000 tax in the works for UPS, FedEx and DHL? Maybe the Federal Government should take a page out of this administrations play book and levy a tax on their competitors trucks. and I am with you on the list of customers, that seems to be serious overreach on the part of any government. The s**t storm of the city rejecting privatization just keeps…

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Quincy School Board establishes committee to oversee improvement plan

9 months, 1 week ago by

Committee will assist the Board in developing future directions for the Quincy Public Schools and will make its final recommendations in June

The Quincy Public School Board of Education announced today that it has established a Superintendent’s Steering Committee to develop a district-wide improvement plan. The Steering Committee, facilitated by Joel Murphy, QPS Business Manager, and Todd Moore, Architechnics Inc., will assist the Board in developing future directions for the Quincy Public Schools and will make its final recommendations in June. 

The Committee, made up of architects, QPS administrators and staff, and community members (see full list below), is tasked with reviewing, analyzing, and researching many aspects of Quincy Public Schools. These aspects include researching QPS facility needs over the next five years such as the possibility of new facilities, locations, grade structures, and financing, as well as reviewing and analyzing educational and financial options to meet these needs. 

Following an initial kick off of the project, the Committee’s next steps include seeking the opinions and input from the Quincy community. The Committee will seek this input through surveys and public forums, with more details to be announced in the days to come. 

Committee members include: Martin Meyer and Darin Prost, Architechnics, Inc.; Eric Barnes, Mike Carter and Steve Wavering, Klingner & Associates; Dave Schlembach, Poepping, Stone, Bach & Associates; Bill Sanders, Quincy High School Assistant Principal Student Services & Athletic Director; Rick Owsley, Quincy Junior High School Assistant Principal; Mark Pflieger, Director, Quincy Area Vocational Technical Center; Carol Frericks, Secondary Academic Director; Chrissy Cox, Berrian Elementary School Principal; Matt Gabriel, music teacher; Randy Mettemeyer, Quincy High School math teacher; Jim Whitfield, Associate Director of Public Relations, Chaddock; Mike Elbe, Vice President for Student Services, John Wood Community College; Chuck Bevelheimer, Director of Planning and Developing, City of Quincy; Tim Koontz, Quincy Public Schools Foundation Trustee; Chris Blakeman, Commissioner, Quincy Park District Board; George Crickard III, Football Boosters president; George Crickard IV, Quincy High School student; Tim Altman, Kevin Houghton, Erin Knapheide, and Kathy Oakley, parents; Carol Nichols, former Board member; Jeanneta Green, retired educator; Heather Niemann, teacher; Rich Jones, Jeff Kerkoff and Darren Smith, citizens.

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Quinn taps long-time crony for comptroller - Jerry Stermer will serve as comptroller until January 12; Rauner will...
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Mays not seeking re-election to Quincy School Board - Former state representative served two terms on School Board
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RT @Devlin Barrett: Obama: "I wish (Sony) had spoken to me first I would have told them do not get into a pattern in which you’re intimidated..."
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