by Jim Dewey
Sunday, Nov 23, 2014
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ONCEMORE1 - Strawman: The Guy the Liberal Press Doesn\'t Know Exists..... - Quincy, IL News -
Now you're not only arranging the past to fit your agenda, but predicting the future, as well. Is there ANYTHING a left-winger can't do?
UJacks1 - Quincy Regional Airport makes another late season push for 10,000 departures - Quincy, IL News - Qui
"figure out how to re-coup the cost of the 10000 tickets" - hell - that's easy - raise taxes for the few of us paying taxes in this city!
qfingers - Strawman: And Now WE Get Even With Whitey...... - Quincy, IL News -
I'm soooo tired of the "not willing to do" argument about jobs. If employers can't find people to do the work they have to pay's that simple. It's called "economics" also known as supply-and-demand. To say that illegals aren't taking away jobs from Americans is ignoring the fact the if you increase the labor force without increasing jobs you increase unemployment.
UJacks1 - Mann not seeking re-election to Quincy City Council - Quincy, IL News -
Mann, Duesterhaus, Musolino, Lepper, and Farha need to go. What will they do for health insurance? No more cell phone? No more iPad? Oh Nooooooooooooo - says Mr Bill. Are any of the 'new bloods' on the 'changed names' list? Fire bugs list? Turned my life around list? Just want the media to get out there and give the conscientious tax payer a heads up BEFORE the election and not…
UJacks1 - Quincy School Board proposes $33.63 tax levy - Quincy, IL News -
Vote Yes on all government requests. Park, Sanitation, Transportation, City, County, QPS, Fire, Water EPA regs, etc. GO YES! Build a new jail. Build a turnabout. Isn't it about time for City Hall to be 'fixed' again? No one ever 'lies' to the tax payer. Ooops. Just forgot to mention a detail or two. And yet if the voting taxpayers even vote 'no' the losers cry, 'bud'…

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Look for ramped up enforcement of Smoke Free Illinois Act

Look for ramped up enforcement of Smoke Free Illinois Act

8 months, 2 weeks ago by Jim Dewey

Quincy Police Chief Rob Copley said most businesses have complied but some businesses are allowing their patrons to smoke

Quincy Police officers - Adams County Sheriff's deputies and Adams County Health inspectors are stepping up enforcement of the Smoke Free Illinois Act. 

The no smoking law went into effect in Illinois on January 1, 2008. Quincy Police Chief Rob Copley said most businesses have complied but some businesses are allowing their patrons to smoke. Copley said enforcement of the law is cumbersome and has been lax over the last few years. But one business owner approached the Chief saying that lack of enforcement was costing those who are in compliance money. The business owner told Copley that they are "losing business to those businesses who do illegally allow smoking."

Since the law went into effect, there have been 59 calls on smoking in businesses and four tickets have been issued. 

Public Health Administrator Jerod Welch said the health department will assist. Welch said during their regular inspections, health inspectors will be able to document violations and turn that documentation over to law enforcement who can then write a ticket based on the evidence. Welch said "instead of follow up which is basically a warning letter from the health department, we'll now be able to, with their assistance, have tickets issued when we document that evidence." 

Copely said the businesses will not get a warning, they will get a ticket. Fines for a first offense are $200.00 and increase to $2500.00 per offense for chronic violators.

Individuals may get a warning the first time they are caught but chronic violators will be ticketed. Fines start at $100.00 for a first offense. 

Copely said officers will not necessarily be strictly enforcing the 15 foot rule with tickets, but will issue warnings to those violators. However, those smokers who drop the butts to the ground in front of an officer will be ticketed for littering.

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