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Sunday, Nov 23, 2014
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migraine_in_qcy - Quincy Regional Airport makes another late season push for 10,000 departures - Quincy, IL News - Qui
Funny, I thought GuyFawkes10 was suggesting that the people would indeed fly to STL, and then shuttles would drive them back to Quincy. Sounds like enplanements to me.
eaglebeaky - Quincy Regional Airport makes another late season push for 10,000 departures - Quincy, IL News - Qui
With all due respect, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that there has got to be a rule against what you are suggesting. In order to receive the federal aviation grant, there have to be 10,000 enplanements. (Enplanements are not the number of tickets that are sold, it's the number of ticketed passengers who actually travel on the flights.) If what you're suggesting was allowed, the…
GoQuincy - QPD Blotter for November 22, 2014 - Quincy, IL News -
Is there a list somewhere on the city's website of how many council meetings attended and or missed by aldermen? If not there should be. That is just as important if not more than Mayor Moore's City report card ie., "how are we doing".
CoolEdge - Strawman: The Guy the Liberal Press Doesn\'t Know Exists..... - Quincy, IL News -
This is off topic, but your claims like this really need a link, instead of you spewing Democrat talking points on every issue. "a guy paid by oil companies to tell you that extreme levels of his company's byproduct are okeydokey can be more convincing than the near-entirety of Earth's scientists" Who is that oil company guy? And who is "the near entirety" guy? I read the actual…
SeenTheLight1 - Mann not seeking re-election to Quincy City Council - Quincy, IL News -
Good Luck Eric !

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Why it may be a good thing that Illinois schools won’t get an extra billion dollars

Why it may be a good thing that Illinois schools won’t get an extra billion dollars

9 months, 3 weeks ago from Illinois Watchdog

Illinois State Superintendent Chris Koch is asking for an additional $1 billion

It’s been years since Illinois’ 860-plus school districts got what they were promised by state lawmakers. And 2014 looks to be no different.

Still, Illinois State Superintendent Chris Koch is asking for an addition $1 billion in his new budget request.

“We have to anticipate that providing student in Illinois with an education isn’t going to cost less from year to year,” Koch told Illinois Watchdog.

Illinois is spending $6 billion on public schools this year, Koch’s request would push that number to a little more than $7 billion for next year.

But Koch and the state’s schools won’t get that extra $1 billion.

“I would love to,” State Rep. Will Davis, who authors Illinois’ education budget, said. “We’re just not financially in a position to do all of those things.”

Koch said if that’s the case, some schools will close.

“At the end of this school year, we will have 23 percent of our school districts with less than 100 days of cash on hand,” Koch said. “We have 63 percent of our districts are in financial distress, requiring some sort of intervention.”

But that may be what it takes to prove to parents in Illinois that the state itself is in financial distress.

Davis said if schools were to cancel high school football or basketball because the district has run out of money, parents finally will pay attention.

“It certainly shouldn’t have to be up to the athletic program,” Davis said. “But, I guess in some ways you say ‘If that’s what it takes,’ than that’s what it takes.”

Joshua Dwyer, director of education reform at the Illinois Policy Institute, said parents and taxpayers are starting to realize something is not right.

“It is difficult to tell where people’s breaking points are — what is going to be the catalyst that will cause them to demand change?” Dwyer said. “I would argue that they are closer to it now than they’ve ever been.”

Dwyer said a look at the state’s simple budget math shows what is not right.

While Illinois spends $6 billion a year to educate kids, the state spends $7 billion a year to pay for teachers and other public workers to retire.

“(That) shows that the state has its priorities backwards. It is willing to slash everything in order to fulfill its pension obligations,” He said.

Dwyer said it will take moving government workers away from traditional pensions to 401(k)-style retirements plans to make those numbers fall into line.

Davis said it might take a tax increase. And that, too, is certain to grab parents and taxpayers’ attention.

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RT @Barney Franken: Yup, the national media has ignored major Democrat donor & Obama associate #TerryBean being arrested for child rape.
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RT @The Associated Press: MORE: Barry's 4 terms were overshadowed by 1990 arrest after being caught on video smoking crack; he was 78: