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eaglebeaky - Two die in overnight house fire - Quincy, IL News -
Does anybody know if there is a way to help out? If there's anything that has been set up to accept donations of any kind, please post it.
gizzard93 - Strawman: Honey, Have You Seen My Race Card? - Quincy, IL News -
we sure as hell are not going to give up!
eaglebeaky - Voter rights, crime victim rights amendments set for fall ballot so far - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJo
Thank you qfingers!!!. There are countless reasons against anybody compiling a DNA database for any reason. Way too much room for errors, manipulation, and outright abuse.
eaglebeaky - Voter rights, crime victim rights amendments set for fall ballot so far - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJo
Interesting ideas, Cool Edge, thanks for sharing them. My only questions about the fingerprint idea would be how would that be paid for, and who would have oversight over the information? Also, should election workers really be expected to serve as CSIs? And finally, at this point I don't trust the post office to accurately deliver the mail anymore... Would we really want them involved in our…
eaglebeaky - Voter rights, crime victim rights amendments set for fall ballot so far - Quincy, IL News - QuincyJo
Hate to have to correct you, AYHSMB... but I was a Huntsman supporter last time.

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Quincy Police Blotter for December 17, 2013

3 months, 4 weeks ago from QPD

Arrest / OV Michael D. Eager Jr. (44) of 1601 So. 24th was arrested for fighting at 825 So. 24th on 12/10/13.

Arrest / OV Christopher M. McGee (32) "Homeless" was arrested for stealing at 524 Grant Drive on 2/15/13.

Arrest / Traffic Stanley C. Church (25) of Palmyra MO was arrested for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident at 36th and Broadway on 11/30/13. 

Arrest / Traffic Donna E. Boster (62) of 1911 W. Wilmar Dr. was arrested for failure to yield right of way at 18th and State on 12/4/13.

Arrest/Traffic Nicholas R. Wolf (35) of 112 No. Bay Drive was arrested for uninsured vehicle and exp. Registration at 6th and Maine on 12/14/13.

Arrest / Traffic Steven J. Lammers (58) of 2442 Bradmoor was arrested for failure to yield private drive at 14th and Maine on 12/13/13.

Arrest / Traffic Julia A. Redding (57) of Kahoka MO was arrested for failure to yeild private drive at 52nd to 54th and Broadway on 12/15/13.

Burglary / Vehicle Chelsea Betz of 424 Hickory Pointe reports that her 2001 Mitsubishi was entered and items stolen while it was parked in her driveway overnight on 12/4/13.

Hit and Run / Arrest Bradley M. Nieders (33) of 1710 Chestnut was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident and driving while license revoked on 11/26/13 for an incident that occurred on the Family Video parking lot on 11/25/13.

Theft Dawn N. Tate of Keokuk Iowa reports that her wallet was stolen on 12/15/13 while she was in Quincy.  Tate believes the wallet was stolen either at Kmart or TJ Maxx between 1630 and 1730 hours.  Her bank card was then used at several locations in both Quincy and West Quincy.

Arrest Jerry V. Whitley Jr., 26, 2622 S 31st arrested on 12/16 at 521 Vermont for FTA shoplifting.  Cash Bond.  

Burglary Cindy Turner reported that her garage at 1630 Oak was entered between 1000 hrs on 12/020 an d 0800 hrs on 12/04.  Her vehicle was rummaged through and change was taken. 

Burglary from Vehicle  Caled Click reported that his Ford truck and car were enterred between 0000 hrs and 0600 hrs on 12/04 while parked in the rear of his residence at 505 N 13th.  Both were unlocked and changes was taken from both. 

Burglary from vehicle    Allen Lane reported that someone entered his unlocked vehcile and stole tools sometime between 0030 hrs and 0530 hrs on 11/19. Lane's vehicle was parked in front of his residence at 1415 Hampshire.

Criminal Damage Susan Warren reported that her vehicle was damaged sometime between 2300 hrs on 12/06 and 0730 hrs on 12/07 while parked in her driveway at 910 Chestnut.

Hit and Run     Alanna Viken reported that her Pontiac, parked at 20th and Elm, was struck by a vehicle on 12/02.

Hit and Run     Ann Altgilbers reported her vehicle was damaged while at the Quincy Mall, 3301 Broadway, at approx 1231 hrs on 12/07. 

Hit and Run     Amie Hoebing reported that while parked at Gem City Gymnastics on 12/7 between 08300 and 1100 hrs her vehicle was hit on the rear bumper. 

Motor Vehicle    William Martin report that sometime between 2100 hrs on 11/18 and 0556 hrs on 11/19 someone stole his 2002 Chevry Avalanche that was parked on the street along side his residence at 2001 Prairie Ave.  The vehicle was later recovered.

Recovered   Property A Craftsman sidewalk edger was found under a bush at 627 S 9th.  Unknown how long it had been there.

Theft          Daniel Tighe, loss prevention at Farm and Home, reported that an employee, AJ Lane, had money stolen from his wallet between 0900 hrs and 1800 hrs on 12/01.

Theft          April Vevole reported that her purple Huffy bicycle was stolen from the rear of her residence, 612 S 13th, between 2100 hrs on 12/02 and 0845 hrs on 12/03.

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