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WmMunny - QPD investigating headstone vandalism - Quincy, IL News -
What the hell is wrong with people? Good Lord, far too many people respect NOTHING these days. Damn I sound old.
qfingers - REBEL MEDIA: The REAL Peoria Mayor just...doesn\' - Quincy, IL News -
No differently than anybody else's....really???? If he didn't orchestrate it than it's the police chief or a senior police officer who overreacted. This is, of course, assuming the 7 officers response team is true. And if the warrant was about twitter seems to me the marijuana charge will have to be dropped as it's "fruit ot he poisonous tree" isn't it?
hooknladder - QPD investigating headstone vandalism - Quincy, IL News -
I am absolutely disgusted that someone would do this!!! Awful! I am so sorry to hear about this.
budweiser88 - QPD investigating headstone vandalism - Quincy, IL News -
this is disgusting. The final resting place of a wonderful young man. People should be ashamed and prosecuted
qfingers - City/Firefighters labor contract must be voted on again - Quincy, IL News -
Super majority only required if the mayor "vetoes" an item (Code 2.106). A pretty rare occurrence (has it ever happened here?) You can always re-vote a failed item if you want to. Not done very often though. In this case the resolution never passed or failed since no majority of elected members occurred either way. Not passing is not the same as disapproval.

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Schoenekase, convicted felon, could be the next Adams County Clerk

4 months, 1 week ago by Denise Donley

Schoenekase will remain on the Democratic primary ballot for Adams County Clerk/Recorder as of now

Jonathon Schoenekase will remain on the Democratic primary ballot for Adams County Clerk/Recorder, for now.

Schoenekase, a Democrat who has been convicted of three felonies, filed to run for the position of County Clerk.

Current Adams County Clerk Georgia Volm announced earlier this month that she would not be seeking another term.

Objections to candidates who filed had to be submitted by December 9th.

An objection to Schoenekase was filed on December 11th, two days after the deadline. The objection contained information that said since Schoenekase is a convicted felon, that he can’t hold the office.

Had the objection been filed on time, the electoral board, made up of the Adams County Clerk, the States Attorney and the Circuit Clerk would have had jurisdiction to make the call.

Volm said someone else will have to take action now.

“I’m not saying he cannot be taken off the ballot, I’m just saying that due to the fact the objection was filed too late, it’s out of the jurisdiction of the electoral board,” said Volm. “Some other action would have to be taken by individuals. I’m not sure what the exact steps would be but they could take it to court, which is always an option.”

When asked if Schoenekase would be on the November election ballot, Volm said…

“As it is right now. There’s a lot of things that can happen, I’m not going to say that there isn’t, but as it stands right today.”

Previously, Schoenekase attempted to run for a seat on the Quincy City Council but was removed due to his felonies. Illinois law says a person cannot run for municipal (city) office in the state of Illinois with a felony conviction.

GOP candidates on the March ballot for County Clerk/Recorder include Scott Stone, Becky Weed and Chuck Venvertloth.

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