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GuyFawkes10 - QPD Blotter for May 22, 2015 - Quincy, IL News -
Good reason to not take a cab or visit thise cities. Use Uber
GuyFawkes10 - Quincy School Board to re-bid QHS construction - Quincy, IL News -
Why the down vote, it's true. Must be someone wanting me and everyone else to pay for their share.
pjohnf - Illinois Senate passes marijuana decriminalization bill but plans changes - Quincy, IL News - Quincy
I support legalization but this is a step in the right direction. Pot should be treated no different than alcohol. We waste too many resources and tax money chasing down pot heads.
pjohnf - 114th Congress drawing rotten reviews - Quincy, IL News -
Congress is a corrupt worthless organization. The GOP is filled with cowards who are afraid to confront Obama's lawlessness and the democrats are a bunch of regressive liberal socialists who go along with Obama's socialist agenda to the detriment of America and freedom. As has been said many times, "Politicians are like diapers. They both should be changed often and for the same reason."
Quijote57 - There is no Menne in the phone book - Quincy, IL News -
Students wonder why they have to take history classes. It's so we can remember what our forebears did to make our lives what they are. Thank you to all who served for our freedom.

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Quincy Police Blotter for December 11, 2013

1 year, 5 months ago from QPD

Arrest / DUI Kimberly L. Morgan (41) of 2604 Chestnut was arrested for failure to signal and DUI at 20th and Sycamore on 11/26/13.

Arrest / Traffic Emily J. Miles (18) of 1023 Madison was arrested for driving while suspended and no valid registration at 5th and Kentucky on 12/09/13.

Arrest/lodged Herman L. Boyer 45 of LaGrange for FTA - DWLS on 12-09. 

Towed Vehicle 184 had a 1990 maroon Chevrolet registered to Trista Bradford towed from 9th and Chestnut during a traffic stop.on 12/9/13 after the driver was found to be suspended and could not prove insurance coverage.

Arrest Evan P. Wombles, 32, 1808 S. 30th, for Driving While License is Suspended and Operating a Vehicle with Suspended Registration at 8th Spring at 1017 hrs of 12/09/13.  Released on NTA. 

Arrest Emily M. Kurtz, 29, 15812 Northside, New London, Mo., for Stealing at Kohl's, 6100 Broadway, at 1721 hrs of 12/01/13.

Arrest Brent J. Walker, 22, 836 N. 20th, for Driving While License is Suspended and Operating an Uninsured Vehicle at 7th Broadway at 1602 hrs of 12/04/13.  Released on NTA.

Arrest Patrick L. Lewis Sr., 53, 319 S. 7th, for Driving While License is Revoked and Obstructing Identification at 11th Maine at 0910 hrs of 12/04/13.  Released on NTA.

Arrest Gwendolen K. Barnes, 37, 1717 Easet 1324th St., Fowler, Il., for Operating an Uninsured Vehicle, Driving While License is Suspended and Disobeying a Traffic Control Device, and warrants for FTA-Operating an Uninsured Vehicle and Speeding and FTA-Small Claims at 6th Jefferson at 1148 hrs of 12/09/13.  Released on NTA and cash bond. 

Arrest Richard L. Wright, 24, 1505 Spring, for No Valid Driver's License at 8th Vermont at 1614 hrs of 12/09/13.  Released on NTA.

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Lebron leads Cavs to a 2-0 series lead over Atlanta
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Two children safe after Fri abduction - Father, grandfather tried to take them to Nebraska
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Ameren Illinois customers could pay for Exelon's nuclear plants
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QPD Blotter for May 23, 2015