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QPD Blotter for 10/3/13

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Timothy P. Spalding 27, 327 Locust, arrested for fighting at 327 Locust on 09/28. 

Michael P Winchell, 36, Pleasant Hill, arrested for ecpired registration on 09/29 at 12th and Broadway.  NTA

Jessica R. Cron, 22, 121 S. 10th, arrested for operating an uninsured  vehicle at 17th and State on 10/02.  NTA

Emily M. Holman, 19, of 1609 W. Granview for Failure to Reduce Speed to Avoid an Accident at 24th & State on 10-01-13 @ 1201 hours. Released on NTA. 

Richard A. Burkett (28) of Hazelwood MO was arrested for DUI at McDonalds, 1301 Broadway, on 9/26/13. 

Caleb A. Weitnauer (18) of 712 So. 19th was arrested for passing a stopped school bus at State and Ridgewood Dr. on 9/30/13.

 Edda F Hughes (75) of 419 So. 22nd was arrested for passing a stopped school bus at 45th and State on 9/30/13. 

Chaizly M. Carlin (19) of 2213 Brookmeede Dr. was arrested for operating an uninsured vehicle at 12th and Monroe on 10/1/13.

Valerie R. Jones (20) of 1516 S. 5th was arrested for suspended  registration for mandatory insurance violation at 5th and Vermont on 10/1/13. 

 Dayonna J. Tyler 20 of 318 Maiden Lane #304 for possession cannabis on 09-30.Donte M. Clausell 25 of 906 N. 10th for domestic battery, criminal  damage over $300, aggravated assault and DWLR on 09-26. 

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@WhiteHouse @ScottCharton The only thing he's seeking is which iron to hit from 150 out.
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@VlahosNick @DOB23 QHS hosted this past season, so not a surprise.
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RT @MomInMissouri: Officer Darren Wilson Suffered “Orbital Blowout Fracture to Eye Socket” During Mike Brown Attack
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Another tense night in Ferguson - Fires, shootings and 31 arrests